San Francisco Wedding Day | Patrick + Rebecca

Recently, I had the honor of capturing Patrick and Rebecca’s San Francisco wedding day, and it was magical! When I arrived, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement as I entered the room where they were getting ready. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and joy. I captured candid shots of Rebecca surrounded by her bridesmaids and her parents, as they laughed and embraced each other. Moments like these are the ones that truly reflect the love and excitement before the big day.

The bride and groom portraits were the highlight of the day for me. They had a vintage car for the day and I’m in love with how these photos came out! The contrast between the vintage aesthetics and the surrounding modern cityscape created a unique and captivating atmosphere that truly reflected Patrick and Rebecca’s love story.

Finally, The reception was nothing short of breathtaking. The venue was adorned with warm, soft lighting that created an intimate and romantic ambiance. I captured the bride and groom making their grand entrance, as cheers and applause filled the air. As the evening progressed, toasts were made by friends and family, filled with heartfelt words and laughter. The warmth in the room was palpable as loved ones raised their glasses to share memories and well wishes. I couldn’t help but feel honored to witness and capture these genuine moments of love and celebration.

Congratulations to Patrick + Rebecca!! Keep scrolling to see their San Francisco wedding day!

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Kind Words

” I am still in awe by Monique’s ability to capture and find so much beauty, even in the mist of chaos! My vow renewal was definitely not your average ceremony, but Monique made it all look like art. My husband and I are forever grateful for these captured moments. We were blown away with her artistry. She’s amazing! No one else could have possibly done this better: I got everything I asked for and more. Please do not hesitate to book. Trust me on this on. ”

-Cassie + Chad