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An imaginative soul, with a love for romance.

hi, i'm monique

I am a bit intuitive when I’m documenting with you. After continuous years of learning about how light & people connect, being observant has played a role in how I connect with you during our session or your wedding day. Letting you be at your most comfortable self captures beauty. Using our surrounding elements and props brings more to your story - the desert, beach, or forest brings the atmosphere. But YOU & the love you bring is all we need to document intentional true moments.

slow mornings/ sipping coffee/ healthy boundaries/ human connection/ road trips / film photos/ afternoon wine / gentle kisses

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IVETTE (middle name)




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Pheonix, arizona

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May '24

Thinking of having a destination wedding? Check out the places i will be next year. 

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I am a sucker when it comes down to talking about my everyday inspiration. I wouldn’t be in this business if it wasn’t for my babe, formally known as Adam. He was the push & support I needed to continue doing what I love. He is simply my best friend and someone that is always with me. We also make a fantastic video/photo duo. Simply would not trade his presence for anyone else’s in this world.

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He is literally the sweetest dog in the world! Spoiled too since he is an only child. Although he is a dog I sometimes wonder if he seriously understands when I tell him human commands. I could be bias but he is one smart dog. Wade gives us the capacity to love more, grow our patience, and just overall become better people.

Now the baby of the family…Wade


I'll always choose to stay home and chill than go to a big party ( unless it's your wedding ). I love to sit by a fire drinking some coffee in the morning and some wine at night - or you can throw some pizza or tacos at me and I will be fine with that too.

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Taking care of my body from the inside out is something I work on every day to better my inner self.



Traveling is always going on in my head. There’s not a day I don’t think about or see a new spot that I would love to go to. Offering destination weddings is something I get so excited for. It tends to be the planning part of me. I will be the first one to tell you that I found an excellent but cheap flight to SPAIN. Just know If we are traveling together I will be your literal wingman. I GOT YOU!

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