Dreamy Outdoor Wedding | Matt + Jeannie

Hey, everyone! Let me spill the beans on Matt and Jeannie’s wedding day – a vibrant outdoor garden affair that was magical. This wedding was filled with color!! From the invitation cards all the way to the beautiful flowers that surrounded the newlyweds. Keep scrolling to read all about this dreamy outdoor wedding for Matt and Jeannie.🤍

The whole shebang kicked off with the getting-ready moments. Now, I gotta say, you could feel the excitement in the air from everyone. Jeannie, surrounded by her squad, was a vision in her gown. As the makeup brushes did their thing, there was this quiet buzz of laughter and joy filling the room. The bridesmaids, each with their own role, were like a well-choreographed dance of support and smiles. Over on Matt’s side, it was a mix of nerves and anticipation. The groomsmen, doing their best to look cool, were helping Matt suit up while cracking a few jokes. You could tell it was one of those “this is it” moments, and everyone was all in.

Now, let’s talk about the garden where the magic unfolded. First of all, the outdoor setting added a relaxed vibe to the whole affair, and you couldn’t help but feel the connection between nature and the couple. The colorful flowers played witness to their love story, and I was there, capturing every tear, smile, and stolen glance. It was one of those moments that remind you why you love being a part of people’s special days. Matt and Jeannie’s garden wedding wasn’t just a celebration of love; it was a burst of color and joy that left everyone with memories to hold onto. Cheers to love, blooms, and the beauty of outdoor weddings!

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Kind Words

“Monique was calming and down-to-earth on our wedding day and she artfully weaved capturing our meaningful moments (first look, walking down the aisle, family photos, and toasts) into the flow of the evening. Thank you, Monique!” – Emily Young